Permanent Residency

When people think of Canadian immigration, they are thinking about permanent residence in Canada, whether in New Brunswick or elsewhere in the country. Further details on these categories can be found below.

Permanent residence applications enable the foreign national to enter and remain in Canada as a permanent resident (PR). PR’s are generally entitled to the same rights and responsibilities as Canadian citizens.

Family Class
If you are married to or in a common law relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, if you have a parent you wish to sponsor to come to Canada, or if you wish to adopt a child in another country, you may qualify for one of the Family Class categories. Contact us to find out more.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Each Canadian province has the ability to nominate immigrants with skills or circumstances the province values and needs.

Start-up Visa (venture capital or angel investor-backed)

This category provides permanent residence to applicants who have a Canadian venture capital or angel investor-backed business plan. IRCC is partnering with the Canadian Venture Capital Association and the National Angel Capital Organization to assess and facilitate this category and assess the qualifications of the proposed start-ups. At least one year of post-secondary education and functional English or French are required.

Self Employed

The Self-Employed Program is for people who intent to be self-employed in Canada. You need to show relevant work experience and that your occupation will support you in New Brunswick.

Express Entry

Currently, there are three Express Entry categories: Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades and Canada Experience Class. These are administered through the Express Entry portal. Applicants first create a profile (and thereby enter “the Pool”), and that in turn provides a score. On a regular basis, IRCC issues Invitations to Apply (ITA) to those ranked highest. Anyone with a LMIA-based job offer is guaranteed to be issued an ITA, assuming they meet the other criteria.

In order to enter the Pool, you must have at least 67 points and both an educational credential assessment and a language test. At the ITA stage, you will need the medical and police checks, along with the rest of the actual permanent residence forms and supporting documents.

Note that the Express Entry profile creation can be tricky due to the initial scoring to enter the Pool and the way certain occupations are coded under the NOC (National Occupation Classification), in addition to other system requirements which are less than intuitive. We are happy to assist with the profile creation and/or the application process.

Temporary Visa

Temporary resident visas (TRV) are issued by the government of Canada to authorize the foreign national to enter and remain in Canada for a specified time and purpose. There is a legal requirement that the foreign national leave the country at the expiration of their TRV.

Temporary foreign workers:
Canadian immigration rules have made temporary work in Canada more complex than ever. The process of obtaining a work permit varies depending on the type of job and whether a visa is required. Sometimes it is as simple as showing up at the border or airport with the proper paperwork. In other cases it is a complex, lengthy matter. You may need to: prove there are no Canadians available to fill the position, apply for an entry visa and attend an interview at a Canadian embassy abroad. We handle all aspects of bringing foreign workers (and their families) to Canada.

Corporate and Institutional Immigration Law:
We assist in-house Immigration legal counsel and human resources departments with corporate immigration matters such as business visitors, intra-company transferees and other statutory or treaty-based work permits. We understand the time constraints human resources departments are under to fill a position so we give this type of immigration work priority and can generally turn the paperwork around within 48 hours.

Students and Visitors:
Whether you want your parents to visit you in Canada or to send your son or daughter here for university, we are happy to assist with the immigration process. There are many different categories of temporary residence and each Canadian embassy has slightly different application requirements. If there are any special circumstances (such as previous refusals by the Canadian embassy, or any previous criminal charges or convictions, etc.) we suggest professional assistance. We are happy to provide our services on any temporary resident application.

The Government of Canada demands very specific requirements from the employee and employer for this type of work permit. A Caregiver is a unique category of temporary foreign worker. The initial work permit application is more comprehensive than a regular work permit application. Criminal, medical and security clearances are completed at the time of the application in the Canadian visa office in the applicant’s home. These clearances pave the way to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident.

Business Immigration

Business immigration programs are Delong Immigration’s specialty. Often, business immigration can lead to permanent residency. Such applications can include self employment, start up visa, owner/operator and provincial nominee programs (entrepreneur/investor streams). These programs apply to foreign national’s that can demonstrate a history of business experience and a feasible business plan in Canada. Delong immigration can also assist with business registration, identification of businesses for sale/investment and business start-up consulting.

Business Owners/Operators/PNP
There are a number of immigration streams for business owners and operators. New Brunswick has two entrepreneur programs in place, one of which is based on a temporary-to-permanent residence model as an Owner/Operator and the second is an application to the Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur Stream available in several provinces.. Generally speaking, if approved you first come on a work permit and then after a certain period of time of operating the business, can apply for nomination and permanent residence.

Canadian Start-Up Visa Class Business Class
This program is designed for Foreign Nationals and International Graduates who have the ability to establish a business that can be scaled to global interest. This program will require the support of a designated Canadian Venture Capital Firm or an Angel Financing Organization to facilitate your application. DeLong Immigration can make these critical arrangements and move you to the permanent residency application stage

Self-Employed (artists and athletes)
This is a notoriously obscure and slow permanent residence application process. But when it fits, it is a wonderful option. There are no “strings” attached to the permanent residence status as there are in the other business categories and there is no age limit for applicants.

Canadian Citizenship

Upon accumulation of three years of Canadian residency in Canada, a foreign national can apply for Canadian citizenship. Delong immigration can assist with your Canadian citizenship application, confirmation of citizenship and renewal of your permanent residency cards.

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