• Providing services with integrity and honesty

    Professional Immigration Consultant based in
     New Brunswick, Canada. 

DeLong Immigration promises to provide services with honesty and integrity.  We can guarantee a full and honest assessment of your immigration prospects.  

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Professional Experience

Larry DeLong is an experienced immigration consultant. His experience includes: 

- Twenty years experience with a NB Government Economic Development Agency specializing in business planning, trade, business start ups and financing

- Several years with a major Canadian financial institution as branch manager, personal lender and commercial loans officer

- Extensive knowledge of immigration law

- International business experience in: Korea, China, Vietnam

Immigration matters

DeLong Immigration looks to provide a variety of immigration services.  We have recently expanded into business immigration and are actively serving business clients.

In addition to our core services of business immigration and skilled workers, Delong immigration has extensive experience with family reunification and temporary residence applications. 

Interested? Book a consultation below.  You can book for a free 15 minutes or an hour long paid consultation, depending on your needs. 

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You can book a free 15 minute consultation or an hour long consultation that costs $250. This fee can be used as credit if future services are used. 

Permanent Residency

These include skilled worker applications and express entry applications.

Temporary visa

These include temporary visas, study permits, and work permits. 

Business Immigration

This includes a variety of business immigration services. Delong immigration offers business brokerage, business identification and business consulting. 

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