Our Immigration Services

View DeLong Immigration services below.  Still have more questions? Book a time with Larry below. 

Please note that our services are subject to change at any time. 

  • 15 minute consultation: $0
  • Hour long consultation: $200 (Introductory Meeting) 
    • Please note this $200 can be applied as credit for future services
Temporary Residence and Extension Applications
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • International Mobility Worker Unit opinion or IMP work permit
  • Border package (for work, study or business visitor permit)
  • Special Cases Border package (i.e. significant benefit entrepreneur)
  • Visitor, work or study permits/extensions in Canada:
  • Visa (visit, study, work)
  • Super Visa (longer-term visitor status for parents/grandparents)
  • Visa (inside Canada, for work or study permit-holders)

Services for Permanent Residence Applications
  • Family Class
  • Economic Class: Self-employedProvincial Entrepreneur
  • Skilled Worker or Experience: Express Entry and Provincial Nominees
  • May 6, 2021 Public Policy applications
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot:
    Employer Designation Application
    Endorsement Application and PR
  • Expression of Interest/ Express Entry Profile

Services for Citizenship and Renewal of Permanent Residence Card Applications

  • Canadian citizenship, Confirmation of Canadian Citizenship,
    renewal of Permanent Residence Cards (we encourage clients to do these themselves as they are straightforward for those who qualify)
  • Special Cases for those whose applications are not straightforward due to absences from Canada or
    other circumstances
  • Residence Questionnaire for citizenship or permanent residence card renewal applications – depends on complexity, generally

Services for Other Types of Immigration Matters

  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications in Canada only
  • Refugee Applications and Hearings (may vary and we do some pro bono as there is no legal aid for refugee cases in New Brunswick)
  • Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)
  • Application for Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Procedural Fairness Submissions and Inadmissibility Matters (Research and Submission)
  • Section 44 Report Preparation and Interview
  • Minister’s Delegate’s Review Preparation and Interview
  • Immigration Appeal Division Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Immigration and Refugee Board/IAD Hearing