Immigration disease

22.04.21 12:15 PM

In the course of my practice, I have come across several clients for which an Immigration application has become a daunting experience. So much so, that I often wonder if there is an actual phenomenon related to “Immigration disease”. One of the many definitions of the word disease is “a condition that impairs normal functioning”.

Having said that, to meet these overall objectives Visa Officers are obliged to work within the structure of the Immigration Act and the Immigration Regulations. To add to the reality, Visa Officers also work in a highly developed structure collectively processing millions of applications annually and in obscurity to immigrant applicants. This very reality can serve to raise anxiety levels among applicants as the decisions can be life altering.

Therefore, it seems that to control the “Disease”, the responsibility falls to individual applicants and their representatives. I am the first to say that on balance immigration decisions are just. However, this can be of little comfort to an applicant who is in a space characterized by uncertainty. I will admit that in several cases where applicants are experiencing a form of Immigration “Disease”, I have been ill equipped to offer the “right” words. In fact, on occasion, I find myself experiencing the symptoms as we wait together in that “capricious zone”.