How do I maximize my chances of coming to Canada?

23.04.21 11:50 AM

Canada’s immigration system works very well when an application is well planned and this starts with clearly establishing your INTENT. What is your objective in coming to Canada? I know from experience that VISA Officers are exceptionally well trained in determining the genuineness of an applicant’s intent.
IRCC is increasingly turning to it’s Express Entry (EE) system based on a Comprehensive Ranking scale taking into account such factors as Age, Language, Education, Work Experience and Adaptability.

I think it is wise to examine the EE profile in relation to the above stated factors and assess your potential ranking. The EE profile is valid for one year and during this time you are able to update your profile and potentially increase your ranking by virtue of Language improvements, advances in post secondary education, increased time on the job and various spousal factors (if applicable).

Thinking of coming to Canada? Be clear with respect to your Intent and consider Express Entry.